Saturday, September 15, 2018

One hundred and thirty six wedge tailed eagles poisoned..

The number of wedge tail eagles poisoned, 136, is obscene. Yet we have been informed that the maximum jail term, yes, the maximum, for anyone that kills that many birds is 6 months jail. The fine for killing a wedge tail eagle is $7,928.50? How do they come to that figure. Because it was derived back in the dark ages when shooting Aboriginal people during drunken soirée's was finally forbidden. Moving to decimal currency moved this penalty to this ridiculous figure. For every extra bird killed there is a discount. They can be killed for only $792.85. Another ridiculous figure for the same reason as above.

The more discovered about wildlife in Victoria, proves that it is considered a nuisance in this state. People are permitted to do what they will with wildlife, and in fact perpetrate despicable acts upon all species of native animals almost with impunity. The penalties are so small that they beggar belief, but in reality show the low value in which they are held, in this case, the state of Victoria.

Shooters and farmers are ubiquitous and great in number, they are able to vote, so are permitted to do almost anything they want.

The Andrews state government is possibly the weakest government running under the Labor flag that this state has ever been voted into office. Certainly in wildlife and law and order issues. Which in the case of these poisoned eagles, proves the point.

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