Sunday, June 17, 2012

Crucified in More Ways Than One.

The picture of the flying fox crucified on the devils wire [barbed wire] is pretty terrible. The curiosity of the cow makes it all the more poignant for me. It may not affect everyone like that, but every time I look at this I think that it typifies human beings immunity to suffering of other creatures.

Humans want to control, certainly the animals they husband, and don't think beyond that purpose.

I've always been told that barbed wire doesn't keep cattle contained, can and does in many instances cause injury and pain. It does however make human intruders think again before scaling a fence.

This picture of the flying fox shows that barbed wire should be banned. This beautiful animal helpless, pinned and at the mercy of any passing predator, human or otherwise is heartbreaking.

Humans are frightened of the flying foxes because hyperbole has been used to suggest they are a threat to the health of horses and thereby humans. At the time of writing the link has not been made by anything except word of mouth.

There is death, and we have our own right to it as does every living being. But to cause it, for whatever reason, is always a dilemma. To be the artificer of unnecessary pain and suffering to another being, and with the excuse that it's required to make money, when there are alternatives is madness, crass and cannot be justified even by stupidity.