Saturday, August 6, 2011

Frank the galah............

Frank the galah was handed to us in good condition, after being found on the side of the road and unable to fly. Though when we checked his wing, there appeared to be no breaks, so a muscle or sinew injury was assumed. After about 7 or 8 weeks he was allowed out and though he put his wing out as he ran away, it was obviously healing, but he didn't try to do any flying or flapping it. Being content to run away just wasn't good enough, so he was again caught and ensconced in his small aviary once again.

We decided to keep him a while longer, but didn't know off hand just how long a while would be. Three months in all and there were two galahs calling to him and he responding to their salutations, so we decided it was worth another shot at letting him go to see what he might do and where he might go. The result was that he didn't try to get out of his aviary, but walked past the open door then finally hopped out on the ground.

We thought it was a dead loss and his wing was not yet ready. However he heard the pair again and saw them fly a short distance away and suddenly he was flying and joined them. All three were heading someplace else as we watched and we assume the other two will have him as a friend and they will get along just fine. Though the breeding season which is now coming into full swing, could be a bit problematical for Frank.