Thursday, December 30, 2010

Driver warning from police.........

The police in Bendigo have warned drivers to take care when driving on country roads, especially at night here:

It's a timely warning that should be out in the public domain all the time. When drivers leave the city they should be able to see signs warning them of all the native animals they may encounter as they move into the rural and country areas.

The destruction of all wildlife species on the roads of all states of Australia is enormous. That a driver can not avoid a slow moving echidna or turtle that has ventured onto the road beggars belief and the drivers who kill these animals need to do some real serious self examination. They Are not drivers, but killers, because if they cannot drive round these creatures then how will they have good enough reflexes to avoid killing any child that may run out onto the road in the towns and cities. There are few road conditions where an animal on the road cannot be seen, though there are times, that wombats will run out in front of a car. If drivers who use country roads familiarise themselves with the habits of animals and birds, fewer would be killed.

Any animal on the road is unpredictable. It can get a fright any of a number of sources other than the approaching car. The driver is unable to determine if the animal is road smart or just there for the first time, and doesn't have any idea what it may expect.

Wildlife carers get sick of seeing the animals that are Australia's heritage being killed in large numbers all over the country. The orphaned and injured animals keep too many wildlife carers awake and weeping as they go about the business of trying to save animals that are victims of car collisions, one way or another.

So drive carefully, not only in holidays and on long trips, but all the time.

This is a perennial warning that should be heeded.

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